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A new investment target for Suka Sijoitus abroad is maritime transport; to be more precise, foreign companies that carry out chartering of shipping. Maritime transport is in a very fundamental position in global trade: about 95% of global trade is transported by sea. The situation is expected to stay the same in the long term as well, which makes maritime transport a profitable target for investment.


Teekay Tankers

Taaleri Merenkulku

Taaleri Merenkulku is a limited partnership founded in 2016. They invest their funds together with the company founded with FinnFleet financing the company's business. Taaleri Sijoitus Ltd. has also invested through Taaleri Merenkulku in the project.

Target is closed and no new investments are accepted.


You can ask more about our investments related to maritime transport by calling us or leaving a message with our contact form.

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