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Suka Invest Ltd. and Suka Ltd. have made investments in many companies outside the stock market and is thus a shareholder in companies in various fields. The companies offer an investment opportunity for companies that it considers to have potential, for example by investing directly in the company.

Growth companies which have already passed the start-up stage interest Suka Sijoitus

Suka Invest Ltd. and Suka Ltd. are interested in growth companies of the new era which have already passed the start-up stage. The ever-faster digitalization of society and business are opening up markets for new, innovative companies and Suka Sijoitus wants to be involved in these companies of the new era.

Eyes peeled for new, interesting targets

The Hyvinkää-based Suka Invest Ltd. and Suka Ltd. are continuously following new, interesting companies with growth potential which would need outside capital to expand their operations. E-commerce is a field that especially interests the company, in the future prospects of which Suka Sijoitus sees a lot of opportunities.

BRA Kiinteistöt Oy

BRA Kiinteistöt Corp.

BRA Kiinteistöt Corp. is a real estate investment company operating in Hyvinkää, Riihimäki and Hämeenlinna. The company specializes in renting out business premises and developing and owning properties. Suka Ltd. is a shareholder in the company.


Kauppahalli24 – an online company for the new era

Suka Ltd. is a shareholder in the Kauppahalli24 online store. Kauppahalli24 is a food store that sells entirely online, and only delivers its products in Uusimaa for now. The online store invests in freshness, ecological aspects and the product selection of small producers. Suka Ltd. is the main owner of Kauppahalli24, together with Tradeka and Heinon Tukku.

Spa Hotel Runni

Spa Hotel Runni

Runnintie 407
tel. (017) 768 751


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Sveitsi Kiinteistörahasto Ky

Sveitsi Kiinteistörahasto Ky


You can ask more about our investment activity aimed at developing business operations by calling us.

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