Suka Invest Ltd. and Suka Ltd. operate in Hyvinkää

The head office of the company is still in Hyvinkää, where the story of the companies began. We are a family company specializing in investment that is already in its second generation.

The key people in the company

Our e-mail addresses are in the form

CEO, Commercial Counsellor Kari Hautanen
0400 482 049

Chairwoman of the Board, Financial Counsellor Arja Hautanen
0400 482 053

Administrative Manager, partner Hannele Lammervo
040 516 3019

Financial Manager, Sirpa Kukkonen
040 524 7823

Suka Invest Oy Business ID: 2923943-7
Suka Oy Business ID: 2923944-5

Forea advises Suka Invest Ltd. and Suka Ltd. in investments.

Our office is in the center of Hyvinkää at Ahjonkatu 1 C 38, 05800 Hyvinkää.

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