The targets of Suka Sijoitus also include investment funds

In addition to securities trading, Suka Invest Ltd. and Suka Ltd. invest in the acquisition of fund units in investment funds. The companies have acquired stakes in, besides domestic funds, foreign stock market-listed and buyout funds as well. Suka Sijoitus also invests in maritime transport.

Fund units in domestic funds outside the stock market

Suka Sijoitus has also fund units in the funds in domestic funds in the real estate and wind power fields.

Taalerin Tuulitehdas

The Taalerin Tuulitehdas I and II private equity funds are one area of the infrastructure inverstments of the Taaleri Group. The funds are used to maintain and construct new wind farms in Finland. Suka Invest has fund units in the funds in question.

Titanium Hoivakiinteistö

The targets of the special investment fund Titanium Hoivakiinteistö are particularly care homes for the elderly, service centers for special groups, medical centers, day care centers and relatively new or modernized properties associated with social and youth activities. Suka Ltd. has fund units in the fund in question.

TKPM Asuntorahasto

The only aim of TKPM Asuntorahasto Ky is to conduct capital investment activity by making investments directly or indirectly in real estate, housing cooperatives and mutual real estate corporations, and to develop the sites that it owns. Suka Ltd. has fund units in the fund in question.

Investments outside the Nordic countries

Suka Sijoitus has investments outside the Nordic countries in the form of stock market-listed and buyout funds.


You can ask more to do with investment funds.

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