The history of Suka Invest Ltd. and Suka Ltd.

Suka Invest Ltd. and Suka Ltd. were born in the division of Suomen Kauppayhtiöt Corp 31.10.2018. Suomen Kauppayhtiöt Corp, is a Finnish family company originating in the 1980s which still operates as an investment company in the second generation.

Everything began with Tarjoustalo

Suomen Kauppayhtiöt Corp started its business operations in 1980 under the name Hyvinkään Tarjoustalo Ky (LP). At that time, the company’s field of business was retailing. From the beginning, the brand of the retail business was Tarjoustalo. Tarjoustalo rapidly expanded from Hyvinkää to Vantaa, Lahti, Espoo and Helsinki. The key business idea of the company was “quality goods more cheaply”. In 1987, the company changed its form, and thus Tarjoustalo Corp was born.

The birth of the consolidated corporation

In 2000, there were already more than 20 Tarjoustalo stores and the chain had expanded to more and more areas in Southern Finland. Tarjoustalo Corp. consequently became the parent company of the group and its name changed to Tarjoustalo-Yhtiöt Corp. In the same year, Tarjoustalo-Yhtiöt Corp. became a shareholder in Markantalo with a stake of 20%.

From Tarjoustalo to Tarjousmaxi

In the summer of 2003, the stores of Tarjoustalo Corp. and Maxi-Makasiini were merged and Tarjousmaxi Corp. was born. Tarjoustalo-Yhtiöt Corp. owned 50% of this new company and RH-Yhtiöt also owned 50%. Through the company acquisitions, Tarjousmaxi had more than 30 stores in Southern and Eastern Finland. The turnover of the company rose to 160 million euros.

The birth of Suomen Kauppayhtiöt Corp.

In December 2005, Tarjoustalo-Yhtiöt Corp. sold its stake in Tarjousmaxi Corp. to Tokmanni Corp. and Tarjoustalo-Yhtiöt Corp. changed its name to Suomen Kauppayhtiöt Corp. Right after the deal with Tokmanni, the company also sold its stake in Markantalo.

Focusing on real estate

After concentrating on retailing, to begin with Suomen Kauppayhtiöt Corp. focused on owning and renting out real estate, as well as developing real estate, still operating out of Hyvinkää. However, alongside real estate holdings, the company continued in a small form in retail and in increasing amounts in securities trading and investment.

Suka Invest Ltd. and Suka Ltd. today

At present, Suka Invest Ltd. and Suka Ltd. that were born in the division of Suomen Kauppayhtiöt Corp., concentrate particularly on investment and supporting growth companies. The companies invest in Finland in both large listed companies and promising companies outside the stock market. In addition, the companies invest abroad in stock market-listed funds and, among other things, in the maritime transport markets.

The values of Suka Invest Ltd. and Suka Ltd.

The companies follow good moral values and operating principles in its activity. Assets are not used for any kind of betting, gambling or interest usury.

We also rent out parking spaces in Vantaa

From 1986, the main store was at Sillankorvankatu 7 -9, Hyvinkää.

Suomen Kauppayhtiöt Oy Suomen Kauppayhtiöt Oy

The central warehouse moved from Ruskakatu 5 after a fire to Villatehdas in 1986 and from there to Hakakalliontie 1993. After expansions, the floor area of the warehouse was 15,430 m2.

Suomen Kauppayhtiöt Oy

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